Day 98

Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love ~ Mother Theresa

When I got home from work today – my 2nd day at a new job for a year – I really wanted to do some ‘after work yoga’. So Googling after work yoga brought me lots of videos, but I chose two. First a 15 minute After Work Revitalizer from Do Yoga With Me (a video by a local Vancouver , BC yoga teacher at a local studio chain here called YYoga), and then I did a half hour Perfect After Work Yoga Flow. Both were different but great. The first one had a lot of great stretches of the legs with down dogs. The second one started with a meditation and ended with a nice long shavasana, and had some twists and lunges and wide legged forward folds – lots of good stuff!  even some eagle arms shoulder stretches.

After the videos I sat and had a very thought-filled, distracted 10 minute meditation. Followed by my pranayama routine – the usual – 4 purifications (nadi shodan, kapala bhati, agni sar dhouti, ashvini mudra), ujjayi, brahmari and long inhale and exhale.

I didn’t design my own routine today because…it’s Friday and I didn’t feel like it, okay? I’m a bad yogi. Well, not really. I still did yoga (day 351 of consecutive yoga – even if some days it’s only 5 minutes, yoga is yoga, every damn day!)


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