Day 97

Whatever you want to do, do it now. There are only so many tomorrows ~ Michael Landon

Today I did my yoga practice after I finished work, to save me walking home in the cold, I hung around at work until 5 when my husband finishes so I could get a ride home with him. So I did a mishmash of everything under the sun yoga postures today, followed by my pranayama and I squeezed in a 5 minute meditation before rushing off (and kind of defeating the point of the meditation a bit I think!) to meet my husband at 5.

The random (but they flowed together well) bunch of poses I did today were: Mountain, forward fold, plank, low lunge, down dog, up dog, child’s pose (normal and extended), standing spinal twist, triangle, warrior 2, eagle, standing forward fold, sphinx, dolphin, cobra, bound angle, wind releasing and one leg wind releasing, supine twist (revolved belly twist), Marichi 1 twist, figure 4/through the hole stretch, cat cow, thread the needle, head to knee pose… basically everything I could think of! Not sure how long it took me because I wasn’t really timing it.



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