Day 94

Knowledge is learning something every day. Wisdom is letting go of something every day ~ Zen Proverb

Well, after studying for the last week for yesterdays anatomy test, I’m confident my knowledge of basic anatomy is fairly thorough at the moment! Want to know the properties of soft tissue? stretch, elasticity, plasticity, tensile strength, creep, thixotropy, piezoelectric effect? or the properties of muscle? contractility, excitability, extension. Or what about the different types of synovial joints of the body? Planar, hinge, saddle, ball and socket, pivot, ellipsoidal. Or maybe you want to know what is the most weight bearing bone in the body? that would be the talus (aka anklebone). Or where your centre of gravity is? That would be the S2 joint, or the 2nd joint in your sacral spine. How about Reciprocal inhibition? When one muscle contracts so another can lengthen more (as in a pose like Standing Wide Legged Forward Fold – your quads contract so your hamstrings can lengthen some more). Ever care about the muscles that make up your deep core? They are multifidis, transverse abdominus and the pelvis floor.

Yep, I know things.

I woke up at 4:40 am this morning and decided to get up and do some gentle morning yoga. Man are my shoulders and lower abs sore today from all the planks and upward facing dogs we practiced yesterday! I found a 30 minute gentle mindful morning yoga video by Practice with Kris which was great and where she did the same knee/hip circles that we did in yesterday’s class where we learned wind releasing (and one leg wind releasing pose) before the class. I also remember a few more things we did in yesterdays warm up – we stretched the wrists, and did Breath of Fire which is kind of like Kapala Bhati breath but instead of just a forceful exhale, it’s an equal inhale and exhale through the nose at a rapid pace – we only did it for a minute but it was tough so felt like forever!

After doing this morning’s gentle yoga video, I did a 10 minute meditation during the lovely quiet of the early morning – the best time to do yoga and meditation. And then I went back to bed – because it was only about 5:15 am. And when I woke up again at 8:15, I did the new Bad Yogi video, a Sun Salutation Flow (and it was during this I realized how much my lower abdominals were sore from yesterday when I did some upward dogs!). And then I followed it by my Pranayama practice. And now it’s 9:40am and I’m waiting for my husband to wake up to make him (and me – my stomach is growling now!) some strawberry banana pancakes for breakfast on this cold and snowy day!


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