Day 92

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries.Without them humanity cannot survive ~ Dalai Lama

Today I slept in because I could – until 7:30am.  Because there was no yoga today (but I really, really, REALLY hope there is class tomorrow so we can try and get through learning the last few postures of the supine and inversion sections (and get the anatomy test done) before the new year!

Today I woke up with my morning dinacharya ritual of having a nice big stretch and setting an intention for the day (relax – I’m going to read and make banana bread!), and then I got up and decided to do the latest Yoga With Adriene video instead of designing my own sequence – a one hour Compassion Core Strength Vinyasa. It was so great! it went through everything – it was relaxing, gave a nice stretch, was energizing and heat building – everything you want in a yoga class! I was very stiff today in my upper back for some reason, it was nice to work it out!

Oh, I did do alternate nostril breathing and Om’d 3 times though, before starting the YWA video, so I did do SOME of my practice! And I do plan on doing the meditation later. But first, i’m going to make some nice banana bread with apple sauce and Miracle whip, and to give it a holiday feel, use pumpkin pie spice instead of just cinnamon!

Oh and today I shared on the Hufflepuff common room, for Bendy Badger Yoga Saturday, a 15 minute yoga for PMS practice by Sarah Beth Yoga. Sorry, any men who practice yoga! You can still do this practice of course, but it is geared towards the ladies!

Update/Edit: 3pm. I just finished a spontaneous yoga practice that I did and then wrote down after. And then followed it with a 10 minute breathing meditation and followed it with the Trust meditation.

So I ended up doing my own practice after all today! Started with: standing half moon and standing spinal twist ⇒ Warrior 2 and side angle ⇒ standing wide legged forward fold (just to half way) ⇒ Goddess ⇒ Warrior 2 and side angle on the other side ⇒ Standing wide legged forward fold and step up to forward fold and plank ⇒ down dog ⇒ plank ⇒ down dog ⇒ knees to floor to cobra ⇒ child`s pose (extended and lateral stretch) ⇒ Thunderbolt ⇒ Dandasana ⇒ Head to Knee Pose ⇒ Bound Angle ⇒ Head to Knee Pose other side ⇒ Marichi twist post sides ⇒ Seated Forward Fold ⇒ lying down ⇒ Wind Releasing ⇒ Happy Baby.

Class is back on tomorrow as the weather is getting a bit better. We’re going to learn more back bend (and supine) poses. I have to say I’m a bit nervous/wary about doing the back bends tomorrow as I have disc degeneration as I’ve mentioned (in my 5th lumbar vertebrae and 1st sacral vertebrae that I got diagnosed when I was around 27/28 and the doctors aren’t really sure why exactly (the issue first happened when I was about 15 and my back went, and I couldn’t walk without my parents help for 4 days, and then the pain went away. It came back on and off over the years for a few days and then would go away again. And then when I was about 27 I was doing a pilates dvd and something happened in my back and the pain came back…and it didn’t go away for about 2 or 3 years. I tried reiki, chiropractor, accupcunture, everything…and then one day it somehow went away again (and knock on wood it’s been fine since  – for the last 6 or 7 years). I got an x-ray on my back at the time (when I was 27 or so) and the doctors asked me if i’d ever been in a traumatic incident like a car accident – I said no (the only thing i could think of was that i fell off the top of a swing set when i was a kid (maybe 10 or so?) and got the wind knocked out of me.  So the doctors didn’t know why I have the disc degeneration!

I’m going to mention it to one of the teachers tomorrow.


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