Day 91

Life begins at the end of you comfort zone so do one thing every day that scares us

So I woke up this morning at 8:15 (late for me but I didn’t get much sleep because my husband put his back out yesterday and kept me awake with him being in pain and trying to move/get up to go to the bathroom etc for quite awhile). I started off with the now ‘standard’ pranayama practice (4 purifications, ujjayi, brahmari, long inhale and exhale), and then did another yoga practice  I designed starting with:

Bound angle to cat cow to down dog and then child’s pose, then down dog again, then I threw in some thread the needle that wasn’t down, and then forward fold to plank to another down dog and into cobra and then childs pose again, and then crescent lunge. Then I decided to throw in camel pose (a back bend) even though I didn’t have it in my plan because i’d gone through all the poses fairly quickly…. I’m not good at back bends so didn’t go very far – or at least I didn’t feel like I went very far!). The back bends somewhat scare me (see the quote at the beginning of this post!) as I have back issues (disc degeneration and squishing apparently, for some reason, the doctors don’t know why – but I’ve had chronic pain issues because of it). So i’m wary of back bends, but so far so good, and I haven’t hurt myself (though I may have strained my neck muscles a bit? or else I’m coming down with a sore throat – I do have a cold sore starting… ).

Then I moved up into standing and chair pose and then into Palm Tree (aka dyamic tadasana), and then into triangle pose and back to the ground for wind releasing pose and a short shavasana.

Later in the day I finally did the Trust Meditation again (the 21 Om’s with the heart mudra).

Also I learned earlier this afternoon that tomorrow’s yoga teacher training class (which included the anatomy mid-term) has been cancelled due to snow! So…SNOW DAY!!! (well today was a snow day too since I didn’t work). I’m hoping that the roads will be clearer on Sunday as it is supposed to rain a lot tomorrow, and that class will be on so I can get the test over with! A silver lining: this gives me one more day to study! Though I think I know my stuff anyways, and I don’t want to over study).



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