Day 89

At your center, in the eye of your storm you have the ability to reach out in any direction, mastering your thoughts and emotions, and your life in every moment ~ Unknown

This morning I woke up early. Like an hour early. I had a stomach ache and then couldn’t get back to sleep. I didn’t feel like doing my entire yoga routine at 5am though. But I did do all the pranayama exercises (4 purifications, ujjayi, brahmari, dirgha rechak and purak), and then a 10 minute meditation (just a timed one, not a guided one and not the Trust meditation with the 21 OM’s either – didn’t want to wake anyone up at 5am!).

When I got home today I did the routine I did up for my Week 4 of my yoga series about ‘Radiating’ (from the centre).

The warm ups I had for this class is: neck rolls, side stretch, wrist and ankle rotations, hip circles and shoulder circles.

I started with 3 rounds of sun salutations to warm up ⇒ Warrior 2 ⇒ Standing 1/2 Moon ⇒ Warrior 2 ⇒ Mountain ⇒ Warrior 3 ⇒ Mountain ⇒ Warrior 3 ⇒ Goddess ⇒ Tree (both sides) ⇒ Goddess ⇒ Malasana ( Squat) (or forward fold to squat) ⇒ Tiger ⇒ knees/chest/chhin ⇒ locust (warm up and full) ⇒ Child’s pose ⇒ Thunderbolt to Dandasana ⇒ Boat pose ⇒ Wide Legged Seated Forward Fold ⇒ Fish pose (full or supported) ⇒ 1 leg wind releasing ⇒ Wind releasing ⇒ Happy Baby ⇒  Shavasana

The meditation I have for this class is a mantra meditation: breathe in and think Ì am, breathe out and think a positive word: like strong, happy, confident, content etc

This weekend we`re going to be learning the rest of our supine and inversion postures this weekend, and at the end of the day on Sunday we’re going to be having a holiday party! Oh, and the anatomy midterm will be on Saturday from 10-11am…Yikes! Time to do some more review! 🙂


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