Day 87

Integrity is choosing courage over comfort, choosing what is right over what is fun, fast or easy, and choosing to practice our values rather than simply professing them.

Today’s asana practice, I did what I’m planning on doing for week 3 of my 4 week series, which has the theme of ‘Centering’ – or maintaining integrity/alignment in the spine.

I did my ten minute meditation this morning when I got up, but I didn’t do the 21 OM’s trust meditation because it was 6am and I would’ve probably woken my husband up!

And then…I got sent home from work early today due to snow! (even though we don’t get much snow – and rarely when we do – but because of that people freak out and don’t know how to handle it or drive in it…so we got sent home which meant extra time for me to practice my yoga before my husband gets home from work (he didn’t get sent home early, poor guy).

I started my practice today with the 3 OM’s as per usual (to connect and centre and ground), and then all my pranayama practices: the 4 purifications (nadi shodana, kapala bhati, agni sar dhouti, ashvini mudra), followed by ujjayi breath (the most basic form), and brahmari breath (again most basic version) and then long exhale and inhale for 5 rounds each.

The warm ups i did was : side neck stretch, knee and hip circles, shoulder circles and leg massage.

Then I moved into my sequence:

Mountain ⇒ Warrior 1 (both sides) ⇒ Chair pose (though I forgot it and did the pose after and then had to come back to it!) ⇒ Triangle ⇒ Standing Wide legged forward fold (both sides) ⇒ Eagle pose (both sides) ⇒ Forward Fold to Plank to floor (table top) ⇒ Down Dog ⇒ pushing forward to high plank ⇒ down dog ⇒ plank ⇒ knees ⇒ Cobra ⇒ Child’s pose (as a counter pose to cobra) ⇒ Balancing cat (1 side) ⇒ Extended Child’s pose ⇒ Balancing Cat (other side) ⇒ Thunderbolt (hero’s pose) ⇒ to seated, to Marichi 1  (both sides) ⇒ Bridge pose x 2 ⇒ 1 leg wind releasing

And because the theme of today’s sequence was integrity, that’s why I chose today’s quote about integrity.



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