Day 86

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” ~Albert Einstein

I came up with today’s yoga sequence yesterday. I wanted to do a restorative practice all on the floor. Originally I threw in a downward dog (accidentally! but then removed it). But then I decided, I could do Dolphin pose and it could still be a restorative, on the floor sequence!

I  started the …routine? in easy pose, focusing on my breath.

So the sequence went like this:

Easy pose ⇒ Bound Angle ⇒ Head to Knee pose ⇒ Cross legs twist (an easy twist) ⇒ Thunderbolt ⇒ Balancing Cat ⇒ Tiger ⇒ Thread the Needle ⇒ Dolphin  ⇒  Sphinx ⇒ Child’s pose ⇒ Through the Hole stretch ⇒ Supported fish (with a bolster) ⇒ 1 leg wind releasing into Revolved Belly (both sides) and into Shavasana. I timed it, and because I wasn’t talking through the poses as I did it, it only came to 24 minutes. Oh well, close enough! (right? right?)

I did the pranayama first this morning (before we left for a little grocery shopping trip to the states  – well, mainly it was for breakfast). When we got home, that’s when I did the restorative sequence. Then I went for a nap – like everyone should on a Sunday afternoon! And just this evening I squeezed in the Trust meditation with the 21 OM’s meditation.

On the way back from our short jaunt to the States, I came up with the rest of the classes for my 4 week series! I decided I would start the series with the restorative sequence I came up with today (to ease people into it), then move into the sequence I made for my 2nd assignment (about foundations of support) and then came up with a sequence focusing on Centering – keeping the alignment in the spine – and another of the 7 moving principles of yoga. And lastly ending with Radiate (another of the 7 moving principles), moving from the inside out. I’m super excited I’ve designed my 4 week series. The only thing i’m not happy about is I’ll be away on vacation for a week and a half in February, when we’re supposed to do our 4 week series! yikes!




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