Day 85

We are all connected to each other biologically, to the earth chemically, to the rest of the universe atomically. We are not figuratively but literally stardust ~ Neil DeGrasse Tyson

This reminds me of my favourite quote from Carl Sagan ‘We are made of star stuff.’ I like to refer to Neil DeGrasse Tyson as Carl Sagan version 2.0.

I got up at 7am today and did today’s daily practice – the breathing followed by making up another sequence and then followed that with the 10 minute Trust meditation from yesterday (the om thing 21 times).

Today’s practice I came up with started in Mountain pose (tadasana). Then I warmed up a bit with Sun Salutations, and then into chair pose to forward fold, to cat cow. Then I did a down dog to plank sequence 3 times. Then 3 legged dog to pigeon (both sides). And moved into staff pose before doing a few of the twists we practiced this last weekend – Marichiasana 1 and 3. Then followed it locust pose, but then I realized I should have done locust after pigeon pose because I was in the right position to move easily into locust.

Then I went into child’s pose to counteract locust pose, then onto my back for wind releasing pose, then bridge, then ending in Happy Baby (again!  I seem to like to do that!)

Today I went to a gentle yoga class at the community centre right up the street from me (which I’ve never been to before!). The room was in the basement. It was small but cozy. There were 7 people in total (one came in a few minutes late, right after someone else’s cell phone went off!). And then someone else came in even later! (at the beginning of class when the teacher was doing warm ups).

The class was small  – 6 people plus me, so for the most part she was easy to hear. She walked around the room a bit, to adjust people (including me) in poses. She provided foam blocks and regular blocks and told everyone when they could use them in certain poses. She had us do some strange poses/ stretches I’ve never done before – lots of hip opening poses. She had us just breathe to start, and come back to our breath when we need to during this holiday season as it can be stressful. She warmed the class up with: Lateral side stretch,Back rounding and chest opening, interlocking hands and stretching arms out in front and up and Shoulder shrugs.

Then we moved into Cat-cow and child’s pose (whatever version we wanted). Other poses we did was:  Cobra – her cues for keeping length in the pose was good.

Extended arm cobra (tenting fingers outside of our mats) and lowering alternate shoulders down, along with our cheek to the mat. We did a pose she called graceful pose (which I think was like wild thing? It was a hip opening side stretch). She also took us through locust, and lizard pose with  a side opening twist, as well as down dog, plank, knees/chest/chin, 3 legged down dog and stacking the hips and bending the knee. She also had us do a weird kind of crow pose (but not really) with us crouching on our tip toes, knees wide, and elbows into knees and then lowering our tailbone down and our head down  she described it like a turtle – and we could put our head on a block if we needed to. I think she called it tip toe pose? And another strange kind of inner thigh stretching pose, reaching our arms forward in the same direction as our hips, with one leg out straight to the top of our mat (foot parallel with short edge of mat), and other leg, we were kneeling on our knee. It was kind of odd and weird. Her peak pose, I think, was Pigeon, which we held for awhile. And we also did Marichi 3 pose (or ½ lord of the fishes pose if we could keep both sitbones on the mat) – but otherwise Marichi 3.

She ended the class with wind releasing pose and happy baby before shavasana (which was very short!). The class ran over by about 5 minutes (which was fine because I didn’t have to rush off anywhere).

So I’ve done about an hour and half of yoga today! no wonder I was hungry for lunch right now! lol




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