Day 84

Today you are You that is truer that true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You. ~ Dr. Seuss

As another quote goes: in a world where you can be anything, be yourself. I have that quote as a wall decal in my yoga room.

Today I did some Yoga By Candace videos. I woke up early (7am) and did a 15 minute gentle morning yoga sequence, and then about 10:30 I did a 30 minute slow flow using blocks (if you have them – I didn’t really find them necessary in the poses she did, personally).

We got our daily sadhana practice for this week.

We’re supposed to come up with a ‘wake up’ routine  – relax before jumping out of bed, inhale and exhale, long, full and deeply, stretch and move, thanking your body, feel your intention, allow an inner smile, which supports gratitude for the new day. Then choose one action/thought that will support your health and well-being today.

That sounds so great to me, as i’m sure it does to you! I can’t wait to start tomorrow morning.  I especially love the positive intention/thought for the day!

For our pranayama (breathing) exercises, we can choose what to do as time allows from:

1. Four Purifications

2. Ujjayi – Victorious Breath

3. Brahmari – Bee Humming

4. Dirgha Rechak and Dirgha Purak

And we have a cool meditation to try: a Trust Meditation that works on the heart center t to develop a sense of trust and flow in the divine plan of the universe, and using the heart mudra (thumb touching middle and ring finger and index finger curled into thumb) on the left hand And then moving  the right hand slowly up to heart center as you chant OM, and then lower hand, and then we are to repeat it 21 times.

As for the asanas/postures – we’re supposed to review and practice the asanas we’ve learned so far, and also practice sequences on our mat. So I just went ahead and did that right now. I did a half hour practice but did WAY to many postures (20! eek!)

I started seated, then went to back pends, then crouching then standing and then supine.

My sequence was:

Easy pose⇒Staff⇒ Seated Forward Fold ⇒ Revolved Head to Knee ⇒ Bound Angle ⇒ Cobra⇒ Extended Child’s pose (with lateral side stretch) ⇒Cat Cow ⇒ Thread the Needle⇒ Down Dog ⇒ Forward Fold ⇒ Standing Half moon (bending to the sides) ⇒ Spinal Twist ⇒ Warrior 2 and Side Angle on one side ⇒ Goddess ⇒ Standing Wide Leg Forward Fold ⇒ Warrior 2 and Side Angle other side ⇒ Palm Tree Pose ⇒ Forward Fold ⇒ Plank ⇒ 1 Leg Wind Releasing ⇒ Through The Hole Stretch ⇒ Revolved Belly and then Shavasana

And for readings, we’re supposed to study for our anatomy midterm, and start reading the Teaching Yoga book by Donna Farhi.

Journaling and Reflection Time:

What are your tactics for coping with stress?

This is a big question, as stress is an important thing in everyone’s lives. I’ve been trying lately to use the tools I’ve been learning in Yoga Teacher Training, and using yoga to help me cope with stress. I’ve tried to keep reminding myself not to worry about things that are out of my control, things that are in the future that might not turn out how I’m thinking they will so why waste time and emotional energy worrying about them. I remind myself to BREATHE. Breathe and slow down and calm my heart and my thoughts.

I find that my daily meditation practice also helps me with stress. Meditation, yoga, trying to be in the present moment (not regretting the past or worried about the future – easier said than done though!)

Is there anything (tips/tricks/advice) that you do to help cope with stress? If so please share!


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