Day 81

Nothing can dim the light that shines from within ~ Maya Angelou

We should remember the above quote. No matter what is happening in your life – good, bad, indifferent – we are all special, we all have a light inside us that nothing can dim!

I’m feeling blah today. Number one, it’s only Tuesday but feels like it should be Thursday! And it’s one of those days where you just want to eat junk food (which i did!), because it’s cold, grey, rainy, and i’m feeling blah physically (girl stuff as I mentioned in a previous post) and as we discussed in our small ‘Element Group’ a few weeks ago, I’m okay with not being okay today. And over the next few weeks as the first anniversary of my mom’s death gets closer (December 14th). I’m just being gentle with myself. Taking it easy, trying not to stress about stuff that I have no control over…that’s what yoga is helping me with – the yoga teacher training specifically and the meditation and pranayama practices I’ve been practicing throughout the last few months. I’m learning to let life roll off me, and not (or try to – though sometimes my mind as different ideas in the middle of the night!) worry about stuff as much. Life just…happens, and I shouldn’t let my worries dim my light!

Taking it easy today, my yoga practice included a short meditation this morning before work and 2 short Bad Yogi videos after work. One video was a 6 minute Better Than Nothing flow, for those days when you don’t have the time (or energy!) to do any yoga.

And then I did a video for Digestion (which I needed today after the crap I ate!).

Now to relax and restore and veg!



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