Day 79

The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once ~ Albert Einstein

Life is stressful enough sometimes. Could you imagine what it would be like if there was no ‘time’ to compartmentalize your hour/day/week/month/life?! you’d be running around like a headless chicken!

So another weekend of in-class yoga-ing (that’s a verb, right?) is done! And I got my 2nd assignment back (I got 8.5 out of 10!) and we got our marks from our midterm test (I got 97%! The one question I got wrong, I originally had RIGHT, but then changed my answer! ARGH! Oh well, I still got a good mark!).

Today we started out doing our OWN yoga practice for our morning yoga – instead of having it being led by one of the teachers. We were just to do what we felt like doing – what our bodies needed. And a lot of us were quite tired today for some reason, so I took it fairly easy with no super strenuous postures. It was so nice to do our own thing, just whatever we felt like. It was nice to try and think up a practice on the spot too!

Then we learned (and taught each other) the twisting poses – Marichi’s 1 and 3, the ‘basic’ crossed legs twist and Half Lord of the Fishes twist (the most ‘advanced’ twist). Then we did Boat pose, before moving into back bends. I am fairly nervous/anxious/don’t really like back bends because I have some degenerative disc issues in my back (for some strange reason, they (doctors) don’t really know why – at my L5 and S1 vertebrae (which I’ve learned from my anatomy portion of my yoga programs is my Lumbar 5 (the last lumbar vertebrae) and my Sacral 1 (the first vertebrae in my sacrum). But I was able to do the poses without much complaint from my back!

Our ‘Element Group’ put on all the food for tea break again today – there was SO MUCH STUFF! yumminess – veggies, fruit, saurkraut, homemade halva (tahini and honey) spread, dates, my chocolate avocado muffins, crackers, honey, dates, coconut banana bread, a homemade spicy veggie semolina dish, a couple of different breads, onion/pea spread, hummus, garlic spread. It seems that every weekend, the amount of food each group puts on gets bigger and bigger!

Before our tea break we work shopped and taught everyone’s favourite pose – shavasana! It was great. We had 2 shavasana’s today – at the end of our morning practice and then when we taught each other. Then after our tea break, we did back bends – sphinx and cobra, bow (which I totally can’t do without a strap to assist!) and locust pose. And then we actually finished class a bit early today (5 instead of 5:30) because I think the teachers realized that we were all tired and ready to call it a day today.

The next time we are in -class (December 10th/11th weekend) is when our Anatomy mid-term is! dun, dun, DUN!!

I’m planning on getting together with a small group of fellow students for a couple of study sessions over the next 2 weeks.

Signing off for another day.





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