Day 77

Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Today I slept in until 8am, until I was very rudely awoken by noisy leaf blowing outside our house (the perils of Fall!). I was wanting to get up at 8 anyway, but still. I got up and did the pranayama part of my practice while my husband was getting ready for work. And then I did my asana sequence after he had left (it’s a lot easier to do it without getting interrupted!). I talked through all my verbal cues, as if I was teaching a class, and once again reached the 30 minute mark! (okay, 31 minutes – not bad!).

I totally forgot to do my meditation because I wanted to get started on making my treat I’m bringing to this weekend’s yoga teacher training – it’s my ‘group’s turn again to supply the food/snacks for tea time on Saturday and Sunday – so I wanted to make some gluten free (and possibly vegan? I used honey so not sure if that is okay), chocolate avocado cupcake/muffin things. The muffin/cupcake thingies are now made, and I’ve taken my dog for a walk, so NOW, I can meditate. (edit: I think I was falling asleep a bit during meditation – even though I was sitting upright!)

Tonight I’m meeting up with one of the girls from my ‘Element Group’, at a local coffee shop (I love local cafes!) to have a little study session before tomorrow’s mid-term test! (I’m actually looking forward to it – and just the tiniest bit nervous!).


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