Day 75

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory ~ Dr. Seuss

Great quote by Dr. Seuss. People should try to value every moment of their lives, no matter how insignificant it might seem. Because the small things often end up being the most important  – the memories.

After work today I did the new Yoga with Adriene video about the Root Chakra. Which was great, with lots of reminders about gratitude.

Which got me thinking during shavasana, that I was grateful for yoga, for the little island that my mat is. And then I thought, I absolutely love that image of your yoga mat being a little island, a little sanctuary from the rest of your day, a little me time on the desert island, the rectangle of your mat. Your mat is your space and yours alone, to relax in and be grateful for. I think I’m going to use that imagery during my classes! I also thought about the whole gratitude mantra that Adriene (and Bad Yogi) mentioned in their videos. I think that would be a great mantra to have to end a class, during the meditation section, doing a breathing in of ‘I am’ and breathing out ‘grateful’.

This morning I woke up and did 2 of my dinacharya practices – drinking hot lemon water and scraping my tongue, both to stimulate my digestion/metabolism, and also splashed my face with water (so I guess that equals 3). Can I also maybe include my daily walk to work in the morning as part of my dinacharya routine? (as a 10-15 minute walk in the morning is one of the things you should incorporate for self-care and wellbeing).

Then I sat and did a 10 minute natural breath meditation before leaving for work, setting myself up for the rest of the day  – which was a good idea because it was very busy!

On my lunch  I did my sequence – the theme I decided on was ‘Root to Rise’ – finding your foundation of support, and feeling supported throughout your practice, on your little island sanctuary. I ended up doing the whole, what was supposed to be 30 minute sequence, in 16 minutes! Oops! I obviously rushed the postures. Possibly because I wasn’t talking through the poses out loud (since I was in the yoga room at my work). And because I was so quick, I ended up following it with all the pranayama exercises – so I finished all my daily sadhana practice before getting home from work! (and then I ended up doing more yoga anyway with the 34 minutes of Yoga With Adriene anyway!).

My coworker today asked me how my yoga training in-class went this weekend – and I said I was relieved it went better than I was expecting! For some reason I was anxious about this weekend…(maybe because we were doing some small group teaching?) but I found I was more confident once the weekend actually started, and it was more fun than anxiety/nervousness inducing! each weekend is getting more and more something to actually look forward to (instead of talking myself into looking forward to it!).


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