Day 72

Do not feel lonely, the entire universe is inside you ~ Rumi

Today was emotional for me. I had an unsettled night of dreams, where I dreamt about my mom who passed away last year, and I woke up feeling upset and unsettled, well into the morning, so I was grateful for this morning’s holistic yoga class (which started in shavasana!), to help me clear my head and my emotions. It was great because it started off relaxing and then built to an energetic peak with tree pose , and a great flow of cat to down dog to cat to extended child’s pose, and ended with a restorative pose – reclining bound angle pose on a bolster. So comfortable!

The majority of the student teaching portion of the day was focused on learning and teaching the majority of the seated postures or asanas (except we didn’t get into any of the twisting poses today).

The seated poses we taught to each other today (one one one) were:

Sukhasana or easy pose (basically sitting cross legged)

Siddhasana – Sage’s pose (another cross legged pose)

Dandasana – staff or stick pose – the foundational pose for the majority of the seated postures

Pachimottanasana – Seated Forward fold

Parvritta Janu Shirsasana – Revolved Head to Knee pose

Janu Shirsasana – Head to Knee pose

Upavistha Konasana – Wide Leg seated forward fold

Baddha Konasana – Bound Angle (sometimes called Butterfly). This pose, a hip opener, is known for releasing emotions in people…I have to say after doing all these hip opening poses, my hips felt so nice and stretched out and open!

Gomukhasana – Cow Face pose . I usually have a hard time with Cow Face pose, but while teaching it today (and being taught it, I found a it a bit easier and was able to pretty much stack my knees on top of each other and it wasn’t TOO uncomfortable!)

We didn’t cover Boat pose or any of the twisting poses.

We ended the day with a Mentorship circle lead by one of the teachers who specializes in trauma sensitive yoga. I’m looking forward to taking the info session for that program next week. In the mentorship circle, we talked a bit about the business of yoga but mainly about the ethics of yoga and the student/teacher relationship and the boundaries that should be in place as a teacher. It was very enlightening!

I realized on the way home tonight, at the end of yet another weekend intensive of training, that i’m feeling a WHOLE LOT more comfortable and at ease in teaching the poses. More confident, less nervous. I think I’m actually getting the hang of this whole yoga teacher thing! ūüôā


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