Day 71

There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self ~Aldous Huxley

Okay I’m playing a bit of catch up here. Last night we had our lecture on meditation. We learned the meditation allows you not to react but have restful awareness – not to react with ‘fight or flight’ to situations. Meditation is proven to slow the heart rate, decrease blood pressure, improve immune function.

We have 60-80,000 thought a day, all coming through our 5 senses. Anything you see, hear, feel, smell, taste – each can create your thoughts.

I learned that the best time of the day to meditate is during the ‘vatta’ time of day (vatta is one of the 3 constitutions and consists of space and air. The other 2 constitutions, which are tied into specific times of day are: Pitta: fire and water and Kapha: water and earth).

The best time of day to meditate is between 2am and 6am, or also between 2pm and 6pm. (or basically around 6am).

There are 3 primary layers of the body: physical, psychological and spiritual – all consciousness in different disguises.

The 2 important things to do when starting a meditation practice is:

  1. cultivate a space for meditation
  2. find a time to meditate (and do it at the same time every day if possible!)

Day 1 of the 5th weekend of in-class weekend consisted of:

Handing in our 2nd assignment – the 30 minute asana class plan (which i’m very proud of!)

Sadhana practice (group practice going over meditation and pranayama practices); and Introduction to the Kleshas and mind and meditation:

The kleshas are obstacles and hindrances to meditation that we experience daily.

The 5 kleshas or obstacles are:

Avidya – ignorance – when we have erroneous identification of the self. Ignorance is absence of knowledge of the human spirit/soul

Asmita – Egoism –  undue trust in the individual self

Raga – attraction/attachent – to pleasurable things

Dvesha – Aversion – excessive avoidance of unpleasant things

Abhinivesha – clinging to life and the fear of then- elusive awareness of our immortality

Then we paired with a partner and taught each other 3 poses from our own class sequences we designed as the assignment.

Next  we taught each other two different poses in groups of 4.

My group of 4 taught (to each other):

Tadasana to Tree pose

Warrior 2 to side angle

Cat Cow to down dog

and I taught: Extended Child’s pose to Thunderbolt or Hero’s pose

In the afternoon we had a review of all the anatomy we have learned so far, and if we had any questions about what we’ve learned, as the anatomy mid term is coming up mid-December. Yikes!

We also had a quick review of what we’ve learned so far with regards to the philosophies and history of yoga, the different paths, Ashtanga yoga etc that we’ll be tested on next weekend (yikes again!)



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