Day 69

If you are not afraid of dying, there is nothing you cannot achieve ~ Lao Tzu

For some reason, every time another in class yoga weekend comes up, the week before I start to lose motivation to maintain my daily practice! It’s very bizarre and I’m not sure why. I still do my practice, I manage somehow – even if I have to break it up over the day – but I don’t know why it becomes so difficult! Is it the time of year because it’s darker and colder and drearier that I’m lacking motivation? I have no idea. Maybe because I know I’ll soon be learning new stuff to practice daily – after the weekend, so I lose interest in practicing what i’m supposed to be doing daily right now? But I know I’m not alone, because another student mentioned having a similar issue when we were in class together last. We’ve had a long time (it feels) since our last in class teaching/learning session back at the end of October!

Tomorrow night is another of our Friday night lectures. We’re going to have someone who is a founder of a local Addiction and Wellness Center who will talk about teaching meditation and healing. And we got our outline of what to expect this weekend, what we’re going to learn. We’re going to practice our sadhana, have an intro to the kleshas (which is good because I have no idea what that is!) and also an intro to teaching meditation; group teaching practice (I had a mini brief freakout when I read we would be doing group teaching! haha) and anatomy. On Sunday we’re going to learn teaching seated asana/postures, and have another mentorship circle, which I love!

Today I did my posture practice at work. I was going to do the whole thing – breathing and postures, but I started with the warmups and postures first, and then someone else came into the yoga room to use the space and have a martial arts workout, so I couldn’t do my breathing exercises then! (well, I could have I guess but I would have felt very awkward!). So I did the breathing practices when I got home from work just before dinner. Once again I left the meditation part til before bed.

I made the mistake of going for a ‘nap’ at 8:30 tonight and woke up 3 hours later at 11:30 (which is when I am writing this blog post!). I knew I wouldn’t be able to go for a short name, but both myself and my husband were tired, and not even watching a show about puppies could keep us awake!

I’m very glad I’m not working tomorrow – I have a doctors appointment late afternoon, a few hours before the nighttime lecture, which means I’ll have to bring my yoga mat and some of my text books/binder with me to the Doctor…I didn’t think this through! I thought it would be best to make the appointment close to the night time talk since they are both fairly close by…but the books (and mat!) are awkward and heavy to carry! Oh well, first world problems, right?


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