Day 68

Trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky ~ Kahlil Gibran

Today was an enlightening day, with members of our yoga practice group emailing each other with supportive, encouraging messages and sharing personal stories after last night’s great, supporting and encouraging get together and practice, which I think have bonded us closer together. I’ve decided our little group should have a mantra – which I think should be: we are okay with not being okay (and what does ‘okay’ mean anyway?!). By ‘not okay’, it can mean anything: we are okay with not being perfect, not being in control, not being ‘present’, not feeling it, not having the energy, or not okay physically, spiritually or emotionally.

I need to be okay with being emotional over the next month and a half, as it is coming up to the one year anniversary of my mom’s passing on December 14th. So I am aware that I will be emotional as that day arrives (and passes), and I need to allow myself to be emotional and not be hard on myself. I need to acknowledge that I may not be in control of my emotions, and I shouldn’t be embarrassed or ashamed, or annoyed or anything else that I might be in the coming weeks. I need to be gentle with myself during this time of transition I guess. A transition of a year having passed.

So after work today I was thankful and grateful and looking forward to today’s daily sadhana (pranayama (my ashvini mudra and agni sar dhouti went the most ‘smoothly’ today than it has before! – and warm ups – I did a shoulder stretch warm up with my yoga strap!). After  going to get a Turtles sundae from McDonald’s first! It’s been that kind of day. Actually, I was just really wanting a Turtles sundae when I noticed they had them for the holidays! ).and going over the crouching postures. And then I followed my course practice up with a 37 minute new video from Yoga with Adriene – Yoga for the Spine! (Which was great – lots of movement, but slow and gentle at the same time).

Today I discussed yoga with a fellow yogi from the other side of the country – about moods post yoga, and coming back to ‘the real world’ after the relaxation and escape of yoga. How to deal with the ‘crash’ coming back from yoga bliss, to reality – sometimes it can be a harsh crash landing! Yoga is a nice respite – a ray of sunshine on a grey day – escaping into the breath and the movement of the practice. But how to keep the dark clouds away AFTER you finish your yoga practice? I’m not sure what the answer to that is…if there’s a way to keep the clouds away (at least for a little while!). Does anyone have any thoughts/feelings/ideas on how to keep your yoga buzz going after you finish your practice?

For sake of ‘time’, I didn’t do the meditation after work along with the rest of my practice, but I will do that for bedtime again as a nice way to unwind. What’s nicer than to meditate and relax just before going to sleep?




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