Day 67

We are allowed to be soft and strong and fierce yet fragile. There’s magic in our ability to bend without breaking and to rise above without falling. We have always been more than enough. Not too much or too little but enough – Alex Elle

Today I got together with a couple of my fellow Yoga Teacher Training students again to go over practicing our 30 minute class plan assignments that are due this weekend.

Had a great night. One of the other girls led us through a hip opening warm up while we waiting for someone else who was  late to join us, then they led us through a spontaneous  class – starting on the ground and working up to some balancing postures (tree and dancer) and then down on the ground for some twists. Then another girl that was there ran through her 30 minute class idea – she actually brought the info pages from our teaching binder, which I thought was a great thing to do! (wish I’d thought of that! Lol). The other student, like me when I did my practice last week, was a bit nervous at first, but then got more comfortable, and we even all burst out laughing at one point, which really eased any tension there had been! It was great. Really cathartic, and bonding. I came up with a theme for my class plan to hand in – taken from our readings so far – in Donna Farhi’s book she talks about the 7 Moving Principles of practice. And one of them is Support : Finding your foundation – the structural building blocks of poses. If you don’t have a good foundation/base, then the rest of your practice/postures/poses will be ‘off kilter’, and because the ‘peak pose’ of my class is Tree  Pose (Vrikshasana), what better theme to have than support (sub-title: Root to Rise). To be a tall, stable tree, you have to find your roots, root down into the ground with your standing leg. And you can’t ‘rise’ in your practice, if you’re not solid or rooted into the ground through your feet (or hands or arms or legs or whatever!). I though the inspirational quote/poem above was a good one about foundations/support.

I didn’t do my daily practice postures today since I knew I was meeting up in the early evening for 2 hours – and wouldn’t really have time afterwards (we went out grocery shopping after so it was about 9:30 by the time I got home. But as I was going to bed, I did my meditation. So that was something at least! 🙂


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