Day 66

Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding the 20th ~ Julie Andrews

I have to remember to persevere when I don’t necessarily don’t want to do my daily pre-scribed (proscribed?) sadhana practice. I rushed home from work today to get my yoga practice done before my husband got home a little after 5pm. I did my pranayama exercises – and ‘failed’ miserably for some reason at kapala bhati – I just couldn’t get the rhythm correct for some reason and petered out. But I did ‘better’ at Agni Sar Dhouti and Ashvini Mudra though, so I guess it was a trade off of sorts!

After I finished going through the warm ups that I chose (neck rolls, wrist and ankle rotations, shoulder circles, spinal circles, leg massage, leg bending and extension), and the crouching poses, I did Bad Yogi’s Week 3 Day 1 of her 4 Week Challenge (from back in 2014), which was Yoga for Hamstring Flexibility where I was able to use my yoga strap. I always love when I can use my yoga props!

I didn’t do my 10 minute meditation – but I hope to do that tonight before bed – I hope I remember and don’t break my meditation ‘streak’ again!

Tomorrow after work I’m meeting with my small group of fellow yoga teacher training students (members of my ‘Element Group’ – that we were divided into at the beginning of the program – plus an extra person from another element group) again, to do some more yoga practice – the other students are going to run through their 30 minute class plan assignment with us! Fun!



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