Day 65

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work ~ Winston Churchill

I woke up at 8am today thinking to myself, ‘I’ll just do my pranayama exercises, and then do Bad Yogi’s week 3 video from her 4 week challenge. I don’t feel like going over my crouching asana again, because I just did it yesterday (and the day before)’.
So I did my breathing exercises – and I’m really enjoying the dirgha rechak and dirgha purak exercises (long inhale and long exhale), because you can really feel your body deflating entirely with the long exhales, and filling up like a balloon on the long inhale.

After I finished all my breathing exercises I thought to myself, you know what? I’ll do my asana after all. It’s for my own good, my benefit, to go over everything, and it doesn’t take long (which it didn’t). I didn’t want to miss the opportunity because it felt like too much work, as Mr. Churchill says above.


And then I did the Bad Yogi video and followed it with a 10 minute Loving Kindness meditation – where I kept being distracted from saying the mantras (phrases) and thinking about other things (like designing my 30 minute class plan).

I had a strange sleep last night and woke up kind of sore and uncomfortable, so was grateful to go through my yoga poses and also for the Bad Yogi’s Next Level Flow routine.

I was thinking about the reflection question we were assigned a week or so ago.

How do the yamas and niyamas influence ethics, values, beliefs, behaviours in practice?

Since they are guidelines (not ‘rules’!) for living – common sense reminders on how to live your best life (a ‘good’ life) – a good you and a good environment. If you think about the yamas (personal/internal) and niyamas (environmental/ external). Perhaps look at them weekly – they will remind you of things you should do – how you should act to live a ‘happy’ life – (I say happy in quotes because happiness could just be contentment (santosha) ) and shape your thoughts and actions.

It’s always good to have reminders of how to be the best version of yourself!



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