Day 63

Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing ~ Oscar Wilde

I love Oscar Wilde. His quotes are always so inspiring and relevant and thought provoking. The fact that he’s saying ‘nowadays’, when his ‘nowadays was over 100 years ago is ironic and somewhat sad, because it still applies today. Not much has changed, it seems, but then again, at the same time, so much has.

I’m feeling very accomplished today, on this day of Remembrance. I got up at 6am, and did my daily sadhana ‘routine’ – and also threw in a few sun salutations just for fun because I felt I needed more of a stretch/warm up today. I was done everything by 7:15am. I had to do a quiet Om chant at the beginning so as not to wake up my husband still asleep down the hall, and was quiet with my ujjayi ‘sobbing’ breaths (where you make a kind of sobbing sound as you breath in 5 breaths, filling your lungs), and also had to do some quiet Brahmari (bee humming), humming sound breaths.

I love it when I do my yoga early in the morning – unfortunately that doesn’t happen on the weekdays because I start work so early (7am).

Then I went and made myself a large mug of hot lemon water and scraped my tongue (my 2 regular dinacharya (daily routine) ayurveda practices), and let my dog out and filled up the suet birdfeeder. While I was trying to fill up the suet feeder, a hummingbird was hovering around me, wanting to get to it’s feeder (which I was right next to), and it was even brave enough to feed while I was right underneath the feeder! so I watched it for a bit, hearing the humming, small motor noise of its fast beating wings, and then it flew away while I continued to hang up the feeder, though it came back nearby while I was doing it, but kept it’s distance until I was done and back inside.

After that I did the dishes (and put dishes away) and got things out of the cupboard and prepped some things for our dinner tonight which is a slow cooker turkey taco soup that i’ll have to start about 10:30am for it to be done at a reasonable time for me to eat before I head out to my first outside of yoga teacher training class get together with a couple of fellow students! So far I’m feeling better from my flu symptoms yesterday so I’m hoping i’ll be up for 2 hours of practice tonight, with some people running through their 30 minute class plans (perhaps me as well!). $4 for using a community centre space for 2 hours, is awesome!

I felt like I needed a bit more yoga this morning than just my daily sadhana practice, so I did Tara Stile’s very quick 4 minute morning video that you can check out right here which was basically a sun salutation routine, a quick way to warm up the body to get you going for the rest of the day! And later on, I also did Bad Yogi’s Abs for Lazy People video. A quick 10 minute workout.


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