Day 61

There are far far better things ahead than any we leave behind ~ C.S. Lewis

This was definitely a day for yoga, I’m sure you can all relate, after the results of the US election! (and I’m not even American, but I’m as shaken up as a lot of American’s about Donald Trump winning the election. It’s not that I’m against any of his policies, but I just don’t like him as a person, and his beliefs and value and ethics and morals etc – but that’s a whole other topic – this blog is about yoga!).

And yoga is a great tool for relieving and managing stress! I was planning on getting up before my alarm went off to do the Journey Junkie morning yoga video I mentioned yesterday, so I could, you know, do it in the morning, but that never happened. And I was in a weird fog this morning as it was. So I ended up breaking up my yoga practice today. On my lunch break at work I went through all the physical postures we’re supposed to practice daily, along with a couple different warm ups.

After work I rushed home, going the short way (a 10 minute walk) despite the nice dry, sunny weather, so I could squeeze in the rest of my practice before my husband came home at 5.  I did all my pranayama exercises and then did the Journey Junkie morning video followed by a short 5 minute Magnification of the Heart Meditation (and I broke my meditation streak of 19 days on my Calm app because I forgot to do my 10 minutes of meditation last night before going to bed! wah! 😦  way to make me feel guilty! haha).

I’m glad tomorrow is ‘Friday’ because the actual Friday is Remembrance Day here in Canada.

Until tomorrow, Namaste yogis and friends!






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