Day 59

Integrity is doing the right thing even when nobody is watching ~ C.S. Lewis

I woke up early this morning thanks to the time change, so did my meditation before leaving for work. And then I did the rest of my yoga practice at work, once my work day had finished, I went and used the Yoga Room and went through all the pranayama exercises and the asana to kill time until my husband finished work at 5pm so I could get a ride home with him (it’s so dark at 5 thanks to the time change!). Because I had time to kill, I ended up doing all 3 variations of Child’s Pose (regular, extended wide knees and extended lateral side stretch).

It’s nice to get my daily sadhana (practice) ‘out of the way’ before I get home from work, so then I have the rest of the evening to just relax (and enjoy leftovers for dinner!)

I did my ‘usual’ (what’s become my usual!) hot lemon water when I got up this morning, with a quick splash of water on my face to help wake me up and then my tongue scraping (to freshen my mouth and kickstart my digestion!).

Tomorrow I’m going to do a new Bad Yogi video – Yoga To Start Your Monday Off Strong! (Yes, I know tomorrow will be Tuesday…)

Til then…Namaste!


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