Day 57

Do one thing every day that scares you ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

I finished my entire daily practice by 8am this morning (started at 7:01), and then had breakfast (another fried egg sandwich in a bun – I LOVE eggs!), and I feel FANTASTIC!

Maybe I feel fantastic be cause I woke up at 6:50 (after letting my husband know it was 6:50 and he needed to get up at 6am! (to do work from home)), and I’d got 9 hours and 20 minues of sleep (according to my Garmin Vivofit2). I always feel accomplished when I get up early and get my dinacharya (daily routine – today I didn’t do my hot lemon water, but did scrape my tongue and splash my face!) and do my daily sadhana (yoga practice) and get it done early so I can continue on with the rest of my day.

I’m going to do ANOTHER run through of my 30 minute class, and talk myself through the whole thing in front of my husband, so hopefully that will stretch things out a little bit, actually talking the whole thing out, as if I was teaching it.

Today’s Hogwart’s Running Club Hufflepuff yoga post I shared was a great article about 23 essential yoga poses to do in the office which I thought was great! because it’s good to get the body moving, especially if you have a desk job and sit for most of the day!

I went to the mall today and got my awesome meditation cushion for $30! yay!14956020_10157679693935006_959857539098465935_n




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