Day 56

What we think, we become ~ Buddha

Today is day 308 of daily yoga practice (since January 1st).

This morning I woke up (still early-ish for my weekend!) at 7am and went to do my daily yoga practice in my yoga room I finished just before 8am and snuck back into bed for a bit for a few more minutes of rest before my husband’s alarm clocks went off to get him up to go to work (no work for me today!).

I got up, made some coffee, did my dinacharya (daily routine – drinking some hot lemon water and scraping my tongue – and later going for a walk with my dog. I still haven’t got around to the oiliation (oiling my body/joints) because I haven’t gone out to buy almond oil yet (I don’t like sesame oil – the smell! yuck!). Iate a fried egg sandwich (but not really fried because there was no oil, in the non-stick pan). Then I did a bit of my yoga homework reading to digest before doing my run through for my 30 minute class…Which only ended up taking me 20 minutes! So I revised my class plan, added a few more poses in (revolved wide leg fold and cross legs twist), and, after taking the dog for a walk and before having lunch  I did my class over again…and it came to 25 minutes the second time with an additional 2 or 3 poses added!  I guess I really need to slow down and lengthen the time in each pose for it to equal 30 minutes!

I accidentally meditated twice today! Because I forgot I did it already as part of my practice this morning. Oops!

I’m spending today doing yoga homework – readings and my anatomy colouring book (with making a loaf of healthy yogurt/applesauce banana bread thrown in between my homework!). I’m hoping to get all the readings (on meditation, the four purifications, and anatomy (finishing off reading about the muscles of the body)) done today so then I can just focus on the daily practice aspect.

Tomorrow i’ll be heading out to the mall to 1) buy my meditation cushion (if it’s still in store!) and 2) more/bigger cue cards, so I can write down the crouching postures on them.

Til tomorrow my friends,



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