Day 55

Life is not a matter of having good cards, but of playing a poor hand well ~ Robert Louis Stevenson

Man did I need my yoga practice today! The last little bit of work was a little bit hectic and frazzled, so I was super glad to come home and do my daily sadhana practice (except for the 10 minutes of meditation which I will do just before bed), and going through all the crouching postures again.

I hadn’t planned on going to the lunchtime Yin yoga class, but I noticed there was just one person in the room at start time when I popped my head in, and I felt sorry for the teacher that there was just one student. So even though I didn’t have proper yoga clothes, I did the class in my work clothes (but thankfully my pants are stretchy like spandex!), and a 3rd person showed up (yay!), so I felt good about that.

We did cow face pose (aka gomukhasana or also ‘crossed laces’), which I struggle with, stacking the knees directly on top of each other.… and also a new pose I’ve never done before called ‘Frog Pose’ which was interesting – knees wide apart on a folded mat (for extra cushion) and resting on your forearms with a neutral/flat back, and your feet turned outward (like a frog’s), which was slightly uncomfortable on my feet/toes on the hard/rubbery ground of our yoga space at my work!

I was initially going to do a run through of my 30 minute asana class plan on my lunch, but I decided I’d do that after I finished work and just stay at work an extra hour until my husband  finishes work (so I could leave with him and get a ride home!), so I could run through my class and also possibly get some of my daily sadhana practice done as well – or as much as possible! That didn’t end up happening though. Best laid plans and all…

Here’s what I’ve come up with for my class (i’ll time it and see if it equals 30 minutes):

Extended Child’s pose (or just child’s pose)
Downward Facing Dog
(transition – walk up to Forward Fold and Tadasana)
warrior 2 to Side angle (Right side)
Warrior 2 to side angle (Left side)
Palm Tree
(transition) forward fold to plank
(transition) tabletop/neutral cat
Supported Fish
Seated Forward Bend
Wind Relieving
Revolved Belly (both knees)
Happy Baby

  • I’m hoping it will all flow together nicely!

After doing my daily practice  (followed by Yoga With Adriene’s great ‘Yoga Rinse’ video which was great!), I didn’t have time to run through my class plan above…but I will do that first thing tomorrow instead (well after my daily practice, which only took me 30 minutes today! (or 40 in total with the meditation).

I’m strangely excited about the fact that one of the members of my small YTT class group has booked a local rec centre/community centre room for our group  (and possibly some other fellow students) to get together next Friday (Nov 11th, Remembrance Day) to practice stuff and maybe workshop our next assignment (the 30 minute class plan).

I’m super excited that we’ll have a regular space to get together and practice in (and at a super reasonable rate of only $10 per person for 2 hours!). Hopefully we can get together maybe once a week (Tuesday or Friday evenings) over the next few months and maybe into the new year as well!  🙂

Looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow, and then getting the day started with more YOGA!!! 🙂


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