Day 54

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together ~ Vincent Van Gogh

I did today’s yoga practice as soon as I got home today, and went through all the crouching asana/postures. I was surprised at how natural I felt today talking myself through the poses! I felt totally comfortable and at ease which really made me feel great! It came so easily…which is exactly what the teachers were going on about this weekend – teaching from the heart, and not the brain/mind – and now I know what they were talking about! ūüôā

I did a new meditation today- the loving kindness meditation version 2 which just has you repeat the mantra:

May I be safe, healthy, happy, filled with ease

May you be safe, healthy, happy, filled with ease

May we be safe, healthy, happy, filled with ease

May all beings be safe, healthy, happy, filled with ease

And I also tried to work on my next assignment, designing a 30 minute asana class. The theme i’m going to go with (hopefully!) is to do poses to do with each of the Chakras (which will also be the theme of my four week class series! – but then I will just be doing root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra and heart chakra poses since it’s just 4 classes).

I did my whole new daily practice in under an hour (50 minutes!) which was great! Tomorrow I’m going to try and do a run through of my 30 minute asana and time it, and see how smooth it is, and if i need to change anything.

I’m also going to get some larger cue cards this weekend to write out poses on.

For some reason I’m struggling to find much more to write tonight, so instead of wasting time on Facebook and leaving my blog page open with nothing much happening on it, i’ll end it here.

Looking forward to practicing my ‘class’ tomorrow (and hopefully doing the new Yoga With Adriene ‘Rinse’ video!).

I’ve decided I’d like to continue my yoga teacher training education once I finish this foundation 250 hour YTT program and also take a 60 hour Therapeutic Yoga for Trauma and Resilience, and a 80 hour Therapeutic Yoga for Pain Management, so I can help specific segments of the population! ūüôā



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