Day 52

Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself in your way of thinking

Today (my 14th year anniversary!) I woke up early-ish (we were expecting a heating repair man to show up to fix our boiler early this morning but so far he still hasn’t showed). I went downstairs so as not to wake up my husband and I did the last 2 days of Bad Yogi’s 30 day challenge (yes, I know I said I’d do day 29 yesterday, but I watched The Walking Dead instead and then went to bed). Then I went back upstairs and my husband was still sleeping, so I snuck into my yoga room and did 99% of my daily practice  (all pranayama exercises except agni sar dhouti, because a contraindication of that is not to do it on the first 3 days of your period). I went through all my standing yoga poses too (except balancing half moon and half moon because it was too early in the morning!).

As I was practising my yoga poses (and talking myself through them) and looking out the window of the spare room, I saw one a hummingbird sitting on a branch of the pine tree right outside the window! It sat there forever, taking shelter from the rain, just looking around. And then it flew to a different part of the tree (but I could still see it). And then it flew away. And right near the end of my practice the hummingbird flew right in front of the window and hovered in front of me for about 10 seconds and then flew away again! an awesome little visitor on a dreary, rainy day!

I did my daily meditation a bit later in the day and I had a strange experience. I was doing a ‘heartfulness’ meditation – what’s  called magnification of the heart – focusing on a light in my heart (or attempting to!). Then I noticed a strange sensation: I felt like I was moving forward and backward, almost imperceptibly – almost as if my heartbeat was moving me back and forward ever so slightly! It was very odd, but not unpleasant – but it did kind of distract me a little from my focus on the light in my heart!

Daily Journal Question

What brings you daily motivation and joy on and off your mat?

Off the mat: Because today’s my anniversary, my joy is my lovely husband!

On the mat: Just breathing, and remembering to smile! 🙂



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