Day 51

Every moment of light and dark is a miracle ~ Walt Whitman

view from my bus stop on the way to yoga teacher training this morning.

Today ends another intensive in-class Yoga Teaching Weekend! (in-class weekend #4)

Yesterday I wasn’t feeling mentally up to doing asana in class…and today I wasn’t totally feeling up to things physically (you know why, women!), but I survived the class and didn’t feel as crappy as I did first thing this morning!

I started off today by doing my 10 minutes of meditation before I left the house using my Calm app.

Then I headed off to yoga teacher training on a beautiful sunny morning to do a whole lot of  crouching posture teaching over the day!

In the morning we did an entirely low to the ground (no standing postures!) yoga class taught by the main program teacher, and then we learned how to teach:

garland pose (aka Malasana or also squatting pose, or Crow Squat), and then Thunderbolt pose (Vajrasana) just basically sitting back on your heels in a kneeling posture.  Then we taught Cat-Cow (or Marjariasana), and some variations of Cat pose (which was tiger pose – bhagerasana – which was basically extending opposite arms and legs), and thread the needle pose.

Then we taught Downward Facing Dog (Ardho Mukha Svanasana), and I was complimented on my posture when I demonstrated the pose in front of the class! We then practised (but didn’t teach), Dolphin Pose, sometimes considered a variation of Downward dog, because it’s Down Dog on the forearms, just to get a feel of how the two poses, though similar, are quite different.

Something I should keep in mind that the teacher said: a good example of a sequence – is cat pose to tiger pose to thread the needle, and then up to downward dog etc.

We then did a eye-gazing exercise with a partner, to learn how to ‘soften our gaze’ as a teacher, so we can see our students, and they can see us paying attention to them but not in an overly intense way. It was an interesting and, no pun intended, eye opening experience! staring into someone else’s eyes for such an extended period of time (i think it was about 5 minutes?) with a neutral expression and not saying anything. It was a very foreign experience, but it made me more comfortable, by the end, of looking at people without wanting to avert my gaze as I usually do.

Then it was lunch, (where I had a healthy but filling quinoa and chicken bowl). And directly we continued teaching each other some more postures – stuff you don’t want to do right after lunch on a full stomach! We taught the child’s pose(s) (on a full stomach, fun times!), so the ‘regular’ child’s pose (balasana), and then also extended child’s pose (uttita balasana). And then we had a demo of Pigeon pose and ‘reverse pigeon’ also called through the hole stretch (which I’ve heard sometimes as figure four stretch). We didn’t have time to teach both poses, so the partners just taught each other Pigeon pose (which was different that how I’ve done it in the past – with a block or bolster for support under the hip!). We learned how to come into it from tiger (just moving a knee forward, and then the other leg back, and then also coming in from down dog – lifting one leg high and then bringing it through and down on the ground in front of the chest (which I found much easier than the other way of just sliding one knee forward!).

Pigeon is one of my least favourite poses, because I usually feel a weird pinching/ stretching of a portion of skin on my inner thigh of the leg that is bent up front, and also it’s an intense hip stretch for me, so I can’t keep the pose for a super long time.

The college I’m taking yoga teacher training at has a Therapeutic Yoga for Trauma and Resilience certificate program (60 hours) that you can take after you complete the standard YTT training (which is 250 hours in my case!), and there’s an info session at the end of November for the program (that I’m going attend because I’m really interested in moving in that direction – and perhaps the Therapeutic Yoga for Pain Management Certificate also, 80 hours). Anyways, we were told we can attend the info session (plus yoga class!) as part of our 15 hours of community yoga classes! Bonus! 🙂

I didn’t end up doing Bad Yogi’s Day 29 video yoga for a better sleep last night (I wasn’t feeling up to it) so instead did a 5 minute bedtime yoga routine on Popsugar Fitness), so I will do that tonight instead!

Overall I really enjoyed this latest weekend of in-class training (even though I wasn’t feeling it mentally first thing yesterday, or physically first thing this morning) and I ‘survived’ it!

I’m hoping that my little band of fellow students who live in the general vicinity of me will get together over the next few weeks (because we don’t have another in-class session until November 18/19/20!) to go over things and practice poses etc.





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