Day 50

All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle ~ Francis of Assissi

Today was Day 1 of weekend #4 of in-class yoga teacher training! But before I headed to it, I posted by weekly #BendyBadger yoga post in the Hufflepuff Hogwart’s Running Club common room…a video by Yoga with Adriene (my favourite online yogi!) Yoga for complete beginners – a great 20 minute video for someone new to yoga, or getting back into it after a break.

For some reason I wasn’t feeling up to learning and teaching some new asana postures (I know, I know, that’s the whole point of the course, right?!), energy and mentally wise. Obviously I would have, because that’s what you do when you’ve invested money in a course to learn stuff like that.

But I was really thankful that today anyways, we didn’t do any asana teaching (that comes tomorrow!).

We went over our daily sadhana practice (a warm up and pranayama, and learned 2 new pranayama exercises (one where we do a long exhale, and one where we do a long inhale), and then we all said what we’re doing in our daily practices, how much we’re doing, what we’re incorporating of the dinacharya (daily routine), and any issues we might be having with the pranayama exercises. I mentioned that I’d been struggling a bit with the Agni Sar Dhouti (Fire Wash) breath, and so the teacher went over it with me at the end and I got it a bit better. I also mentioned how I do my practice daily, mostly when I get home from work, when I find the pranayama/breathing exercises and meditation a great way to unwind from the way.

We did teach each other some pranayama exercises: alternate nostril breathing (my favourite!), ujjayi, and bee humming breath.

Then the afternoon was full of anatomy – learning about muscles, and going over the components of the spine and different terminology of direction of body parts- like flexion and extension (i.e. bending an extending your arm for example. Orwhen your palm  (aka arm) is rotated face up, that’s called supination, when it’s face down, that’s pronation. And then there’s plantar flexion of the foot (when you point your toes to the ground) and dorsi flexion of the foot (flexing your foot toes upwards).

And then we learned about muscles and different types i.e. smooth, cardiac and skeletal,  and fusiform, triangular, pennate (uni, bi and multipennate).

Then we ended the class with kirtan – or chanting/singing.

The teacher mentioned that tomorrow is the start of Diwali, a 5 day festival celebrating the victory of light over darkness or just-ness over injustice. Hence my quote at the top of this post about light! Tomorrow I’m going to light a candle in honour of Diwali.

Since we didn’t do any actual yoga today (well, as in the Westernized idea of yoga – aka asana) i’m going to do Bad Yogi’s Day 29 which is just a 14 minute yoga for better sleep later – as a nice restorative practice to end my day!

Looking forward to learning to teach some crouching postures tomorrow! (because I’ll be more in a teaching headspace after today I think!). and also tomorrow’s mentorship circle too. Should be good!

There were a couple students missing in class today so class seemed quite small, after the two other people who dropped out the class a few weeks ago.

Daily Journal Question:

What brings you daily motivation and joy on and off the mat?

Off the mat: Watching interesting nature documentaries on TV! It reminds me what a wonderful, amazing planet we live on (and that we are sadly, taking advantage of!)

On the mat: just connecting with my breath , and feeling how my body feels in each posture


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