Day 47

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can ~ Arthur Ashe

Today is 300 days of consecutive yoga! (Daily since January 1st!)

I wish I was feeling more up to it to celebrate today, but I was not feeling up to my practice today. I woke up feeling blah and nauseous (it’s ‘that time’)…so I just wasn’t feeling doing my full pranayama (breath) and physical practice. Plus after lunch where I went out for a belated birthday lunch, and even though the food I had was healthy, I felt all bloated and blah all afternoon.

So when I came home from work, all I had energy for (both mentally and physically) was Bad Yogi’s Day 26 of the 30 Day Challenge which I was glad was only a short 10 minute video of ‘office yoga’. And then my Calm app, had a free (today only!) daily meditation on Resilience which was fantastic – finding the spark or core resilience we all have inside us to help us get through times of struggle and exhaustion and grief…to keep moving forward, which I found really inspiring.

I might try and squeeze in more of my practice later tonight before bed, but first I will go listen to a 40 minute yoga nidra guided meditation I received from Swami Mashesh

Daily Journal Question:

What brings you daily motivation and joy on and off the mat?

On the mat: a chance to wipe the day away and not think or worry about what’s happened, at least for the time that you are on the mat!

Off the mat: good food and good company (friends, family!)

Tomorrow during my lunch hour, is the last Heartfulness Meditation workshop, put on by, which i’m looking forward to, but actually sad that it’s the last workshop! Check out for many videos on the whole heartfulness meditation.



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