Day 46

If you can dream it, you can do it ~ Walt Disney

Today I managed to do most of my practice at work today (again in the drafty yoga space, which I just heard today by the facilities guy that they’re going to put in wood flooring, and not the kind of strange black …stuff that makes the floor right now (it used to be the gym so…). I did my pranayama exercises but felt a bit silly doing the ones where you make noise (like one of the variations of Ujjayi breath, and bumblebee breath) just in case anyone came into the room at that point (one of the water coolers is in the room so people often come in to fill up their water bottles!)

Then I moved onto practising the newest standing postures (warrior 3, chair, eagle, goddess, side angle, triangle, wide leg forward fold, dancer, balancing half moon). But I forgot to do tree pose! I saved the sun salutations section of my daily sadhana until after work (because today’s Bad Yogi 30 day challenge was a sun salutation flow so I just did that when I got home to kill two birds with one stone). I did tree pose before I did Bad Yogi and I managed to keep my foot on my upper thigh on both sides!

I tried my best to do my ten minutes of meditation (focusing on my natural breath) on my lunch break but it was difficult; 1) because I kept feeling cold air blowing down on me from the ceiling air conditioning and

2) there’s a door just outside the yoga room that leads outside and lots of people came in and out a lot and it was noisy and distracting. And

3) I felt self conscious that some water-bottle filling people would walk in and see me just sitting there cross-legged on one of the bolsters meditating!

Today we received an email about the upcoming in-class weekend outlining what topics we’ll be covering/learning/teaching/doing.

Topics:  Yoga Sadhana, Pranayama and Meditation Teaching practice, Anatomy, Intro to Crouching Asanas and another Mentorship Circle (which I really enjoyed when we had it on the last weekend!)

Daily Journal Question

What brings me daily motivation and joy on and off the mat?

On the mat: today ‘getting’ full tree pose on both sides and feeling fairly stable!

Off the mat: My dog! Today my dog went to the vet for his annual injections and so today i’m thinking of him (he got some blood tests done and stuff, because he’s in pain with stiffness (he is 12 years old in human years though so…getting up there in dog years, he’s definitely a senior).






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