Day 45

Be yourself, everyone else is already taken ~ Oscar Wilde

Note to self: don’t watch a super duper gory/anxiety making Zombie show (aka The Walking Dead, season 7 premiere *shudder*) right before bed…I couldn’t get to sleep and was up until 12:30. Bad idea. So I didn’t end up doing any sort of yoga or meditation this morning when I got up.

So I did 99.9% of it at work today in the freezing cold, empty yoga room space. When I got home, and before dinner, I quickly did the  Bad Yogi Day 24 of 30 day challenge ‘no sweat morning yoga’, which was nice (even though I didn’t have the time/energy or motivation to do it this morning like I’d hoped! *grumble grumble zombies*). And then I had dinner (left over pizza – spinach and feta – yum!),and afterwards I did the last of my breathing exercises that I couldn’t get done on my lunch break (humming bee breath – so fun! are pranayama exercises supposed to be fun?), and then did a 10 minute Loving Kindness meditation with my Calm app. I know we’re supposed to do one of 3 different meditation types until next in-class session:

  1. Natural Breath
  2. So Hum mantra
  3. the Buddhist Loving Kindness meditation/prayer

But I thought the Loving Kindness guided meditation with my app was good…and the important thing is that I meditated, right?

Speaking of meditating, I was in Winners yesterday (a Canadian store that’s like TJ Maxx/TK Maxx/Marshalls (part of the same company)) and saw these cool round meditation cushions for $30…so I think I’m going to have to get one this weekend! (there was only the 2 cushions so I don’t want them to sell out (though I’m probably being optimistic! ha ha).

Daily Journal question

What brings you daily motivation and joy on and off the mat?

On the mat: my motivation is my mental health and physical well being

Off the mat: Today it’s awesome internet/online cartoonists that I love – The Awkard Yeti, creator of the awesome Heart & Brain comics, and Brian Kesinger, creator of the awesome Steampunk Otto & Victoria (and other things – like right now for #inktober he’s doing an awesome series of dragons (and I love dragons!)). He has an Etsy store but it’s on hiatus for a short while while he moves apparently.



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