Day 44

Each day as you step onto your mat, make a decision to enjoy just where you are right now. Take a few moments too, to contemplate how fortunate you are to be practicing this wonderful art (of yoga) ~ Donna Farhi

So I had planned to go to a hatha class today, put on at a local mall (in an empty store space)…but I just wasn’t feeling up to an hour of yoga today  – maybe 20 minutes or half an hour, but an hour just seemed a bit much, when I also have to do my daily practice (which is just pranayama and going over standing postures but still..!). So i’ll go on another Sunday in 2 weeks time (I can’t go next weekend because I have another in-class teaching weekend!).

I did my practice (even though I had a bit of an iffy stomach), plus another exercise in sequencing the standing postures.

For example something like:

Sequence 1: Mountain pose -> standing half moon -> Warrior 1 -> Warrior 3 -> back to Mountain -> Standing spinal twist -> chair -> warrior 2 -> side angle -> warrior 2 -> triangle -> Mountain

Sequence 2: Mountain -> Goddess pose -> Wide Leg Forward Fold -> Forward Fold (x2) -> Mountain -> Tree -> Palm Tree -> Eagle-> Warrior 2 -> 1/2 moon -> Warrior 2 -> Mountain

I made myself some ginger tea and some cinnamon honey (mixed some cinnamon into honey)  for my toast – 2 things as part of my Dinacharya routine. And I just realized it’s now crock pot/slow cooker time of year again! so going to start making lots of soups and stews and stuff – warming, spicy foods for the cooler time of year!

Today I’m heading out to buy my husband some stuff or our anniversary coming up on Hallowe’en (and also head to Old Navy for myself, because I love Old Navy! lol ), but when I get home I’m going to do day 23 of Bad Yogi’s 30 Day Challenge, a routine for upper back and neck tension (which is only 17 minutes – I can handle that today!)

Something I remembered from yesterday’s restorative class I thought was interesting. The teacher said: in restorative yoga we really can actually relax our bodies, in a way that doesn’t even happen when we sleep. Yes sleep is restorative and restful, but even then we still hold tension in our bodies (i.e. we might grind our teeth in our sleep and hold tension in our jaw), or whatever, which I thought was really interesting!

Daily Journal Question

What brings you daily motivation and joy on and off the mat?

Off the mat: today it’s going to the mall to do some gift shopping (and shopping for myself!)

On the mat: Feeling slightly more comfortable with the verbal cues for some of the postures we have been learning and practising so far! Also, I love how much Sun Salutations get you warmed up first thing in the morning!




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