Day 43

Whatever you are, be a good one ~ Abraham Lincoln

So my dog joined me on my yoga mat last night when I was catching up with the Bad Yogi’s 30 day challenge! At first he sat down right in the middle of my mat, but once I got him off it so I could actually get on it, then he sat down right beside me along side it! It’s rare he does that, but nice when he does.

It was strange, during ‘thread the needle’ in one of the Bad Yogi videos, my throat was very uncomfortable for some bizarre reason, so I had to come out of the pose (but it was okay doing it on the other side – very weird! I wonder why…?).

This morning as part of my Dinacharya (daily routine), I had a ginger tea and added applesauce and cinnamon to my oatmeal – all good things for digestion!

Today’s yoga article I shared in the Hufflepuff room (the Hogwart’s Running Club, i’m the ‘yoga ambassador’ of sorts there for the Hufflepuff’s anyway!) was: The Best Yoga Poses When You Are Sick. Very apt for this time of year!

I did my daily practice this morning (where again I struggled with one of the pranayama practices, which is my least favourite – Agni Sar Dhouti aka Fire Wash, which is where you contract and release the stomach (after getting in the right posture and set up the breathing) which helps with digestion and stimulating the root chakra and mulabandha (one of the ‘locks’ in the body). I did up cue cards for the latest standing postures and reviewed the cards while doing the poses (it’s very hard to try and talk through doing Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon Pose) when you’re trying to balance in the pose! but I was more stable today. And I also was better in Dancer Pose today when I practiced it.

In the afternoon I am going to a local yoga studio, Ocean and Crow, who are holding a couple complimentary classes for new people to try out their studio and classes – and the class I attended today was a restorative class to ‘rest, relax and heal’, which was actually taught by a woman who is one of the guest instructors in my Yoga Teacher Training program! The studio was recommended by the YTT college as one we could attend to take our community classes, which is why I did!

After what feels like ‘constant’ more physical yoga (practising standing postures daily!) it was nice to have a relaxing slower paced class to rejuvenate. Today’s Bad Yogi day 22 is also a restorative class! (which I just did, and which was great because we got to use a strap to stretch out the legs!).

The class at Ocean and Crow was great. We held the poses longer than what I’ve done in other restorative classes. We did some supported twist with a bolster, a supported lying on our stomach, a supported bridge, a propped up bolster with blocks into a sort of makeshift ‘chair’ for a gentle heart opening pose, and then shavasana which we could do with our knees raised/supported. I found the twist pose for some reason started to hurt my glutes(?). Not sure why. The whole hour and 15 minute class went by in a flash!

(And I picked up some yummy muffins from one of my fave restaurant/cafes on the way home: pumpkin coconut and strawberry chocolate both with cream cheese baked into them!)

Tomorrow i’ll be taking a free hatha class put on by another local yoga studio, at a nearby mall (but more on that tomorrow! )

Daily Journal question

What brings you daily motivation and joy on and off the mat?

Daily joy off the mat – for me is reading! Daily motivation off the mat – getting outside

Motivation on the mat – to ‘improve’ the postures I struggle with

Joy on the mat – Improving in the more challenging postures (i.e. balance postures!)


During my review of some of the course readings (on the principle of ishvarapranidhana), I was reminded to let the universe do its job and not try to control every moment of my life – to put some faith into the idea that things will work out in the end.



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