Day 41

Look up at the stars and not down at your feet ~ Stephen Hawking

Today at lunch we had another Heartfulness Meditation workshop, where we learned about Cleaning/Clearing our impressions that we pick up throughout the day. And we basically do it by visualizing smoke or vapour coming off our backs and removing all the negative impressions we pick up during the day. It was very interesting!

Before the seminar started, I was the first person to arrive, so was talking to the presenters and mentioned how I’m taking Yoga Teacher training and saw that they were at the yoga expo the other weekend. And then I was able to use some of what I learned in my anatomy readings this week and talked to the man about his back pain issues. My reading about muscles and joints for this weeks anatomy homework has paid off! ha ha. We were talking about the Yoga Expo a few weeks ago, and they were one of the workshops there, and the man was saying he found someone at the expo to help with his chronic back issues and was saying how some of his muscles are seizing up to compensate, so I was telling him what I’d learned about range of motion (ROM) and how ROM decreases without use, and then your body starts to build it self back up based on the new decreased ROM….! (but that things like yoga to help increase mobility again is great).

For some reason during my alternate nostril breathing I was very uncomfortable in my back which kind of disturbed the whole process!

I missed the Bad Yogi 30 day challenge today and yesterday so I’m going to catch up tomorrow. I hate it when I miss or skip stuff like this. It annoys me, when I know it really shouldn’t…because it’s not as if i’m not getting my daily yoga in!

I shouldn’t be too hard on myself (which I am, and I’m trying not to be!)

Today’s answer to the journal question: what brings you joy/motivation on and off the mat:

off the mat – being nice and warm and dry on a rainy day

on the mat – focusing on my body moving and supporting me.


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