Day 36

Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it ~ Maya Angelou

Before heading off to class, I posted an article in the HRC Hufflepuff Common room about 5 poses for better sleep.

Today is day 1 of another 2 day in-class session of Yoga Teacher Training. We learned SO MUCH today! It was so much that it actually seemed like two full days of course instead of just the first day of the weekend!

We went through all the pranayama practices we’ve learned so far, plus we learned the 8 Kriyas (kriya means action) which were created by Baba Hari Dass, a local monk/yogi here.

Then we learned/practiced Side Angle pose (Parvakonasana) and Triangle (Trikonasana). I learned that I had been doing Triangle ‘badly’ for me this whole time and I should have been up higher and not leaning so far down.

Then we learned a lot about anatomy (joints, muscles, bones!, and ended the day with some restorative yoga with a guest teacher who also held a mentorship circle or us, where we did some small group exercises.

One of the teachers mentioned a quote that I really loved. Paraphrasing it goes:

Instead of thinking ‘I have to’ do something, think ‘I get to’ do something.

That puts a positive spin on everything that we do! instead of thinking ‘I HAVE TO (do the dishes, the laundry, homework, cook dinner), think I GET TO…I am able (physically, mentally), I am lucky enough to be doing these things. It makes you grateful for what you have in your life!

The group that did teatime this weekend, one of the people actually MADE fresh focaccia bread with homegrown rosemary – it was fantastic! To go with the great quinoa and sprouted mung bean salad someone else made! Such talented people in my YTT class!



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