Day 35

Everything should be made as simple as possible. But not simpler. ~ Albert Einstein

There’s a major windstorm forecast for today and tomorrow. And this evening (i’m writing this after work, it’s quite blustery! and I have a lecture on Ayurveda tonight at the YTT school from 6:30 – 8:30pm! I’ve been looking forward to this talk since I learned about it.

I hoped to do practice today at lunch but that never happened, but I did do my meditation before work, and did the Bad Yogi Day 14 for 18 minutes  – stretching the hamstrings and thighs – as a runner, I love anything that stretches the hamstrings – it’s painful but in a good way!

Edit on the lecture: We had an overview about what Ayurveda is: the science of life and health. And we learned about Dinacharya – a daily routine of certain things you should incorporate daily to increase your health and well being – such as scraping the tongue in the morning (to stimulate digestion), splashing water on your face, drinking hot water with lemon (and/or ginger!), and of course do yoga/meditation/pranayama.

It’s also important to incorporate some walking in the day – the Dinacharya suggestions a 10-15 minute walk in the morning, a 15-20 minute walk after lunch, and another 10-15 minute walk in the evening. It also says that lunch should be the largest meal of the day and that you shouldn’t eat while: working, in a meeting, on the computer or on the phone…which I’m sure we’re all guilty of these days (I certainly am!). But we really should be eating our food with mindfulness and attention, to focus on what we’re actually eating and putting in our body.

All pretty much common sense stuff, but stuff that we tend to ignore. I’m lucky in that I can walk to/from work in 20 minutes so I get a couple walks during the day just getting to and from work!


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