Day 30

Only do what your heart tells you ~ Princess Diana

Wow! Today has been 30 days since I started my Yoga Teacher Training program, and that means 30 days of structured daily sadhana practice! (even though I have been doing yoga daily since January 1st of this year anyway).

I did most of my practice when I got up at 8am, but did my meditation when I got home at 4pm with the help of a new meditation app called Calm which is great – you can access limited features for free but to get the full range it’s by yearly subscription. It has guided meditations for set times as well as unguided (or lightly guided) along with bells to tell you when your time is up, and great soothing animated scenes (like ocean waves and sounds!).

I did Bad Yogi’s Day 9 of her 30 Day Challenge – balancing poses – and was able to do full tree pose today (mostly! with a little falling over on my right side). I did 2 meditations with the Calm app – a 10 minute body scan guided meditation and Day 1 of 7 days of mindfulness – both were fanastic!


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