Day 25

Do or do not there is no try ~ Yoda

Came home from work and did my practice right after work today. If I don’t do it as soon as I get home, I’d have to do it before bed (and most likely i’d find an excuse not to do it – i.e. too tired!)

And I read that you shouldn’t eat for 3 hours before doing yoga, so after work (which is about 3 hours since lunch) is the only time that works for me to practice – unless I want to get up at 5am! and who wants to do that?!

I love the Sun Salutations – man, only 5 rounds gets me really sweaty! They work your entire body.

I also like the nadi shodhana. It’s my favourite pranayama practice so far. It’s apparently equivalent to using a Neti pot (but much more pleasant to do!)

Today’s meditation I was all over the place! I definitely didn’t focus on the ‘so hum’ chant that I was supposed to. Oh well, there’s always another day!


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