Day 22

Nothing is impossible. The word itself says: ‘I’m Possible’ ~ Audry Hepburn

Yoga Expo Day 1! My friend and I arrived for one of the classes starting at 11:30. I looked in the market place for a yoga mat bag, but strangely that seemed to be the one thing they didn’t sell!

The first class was Hatha Yoga. It was a full class of about 20 people, but the teacher never showed after 15 minutes and we were told she wasn’t coming. 90% of the people left but some people were still hanging about and one of the Expo Staff – offered to teach a quick class in the spur of the moment (she said she ‘winged it’ ) in the half an hour remaining of the time slot! I’ll call it a ‘power hatha’ class because it was more fast paced and energetic than normal hatha because of only having half an hour to squeeze everything in.

She started with shavasana to get us settled, then moved to cat cow for warm up and then childs pose and then a move around in your childs pose. She talked a lot (a tiny bit too much) but she got in the benefits of a lot of the poses and also made sure we had correct alignment (like in warriors). She also added in some inspirational/flowerly spiritual phrases – but also stopped talking (briefly!) to let us breathe in the poses. Some unique (ish) poses she did was what she called ‘proud pigeon’ propped up on fingertips high, and ‘screaming pigeon’ (grabbing back foot and pulling your quad).


Class 2 was an hour of Power Yoga with a girl from Alabama.

I haven’t done much power yoga but the class was manageable (except bird of paradise – which she called ‘easy bird’! Easy bird my ass! ha ha). She didn’t say anything in Sanskrit. At the beginning she told us to do our own thing, at our own pace, whatever makes us comfortable because it is OUR yoga. Great charisma and presence and voice (over loud music!) and lots of encouragement.

Because it was a power class there was a lot of core work (along with standard down dog, 3 legged dog, warrior 2 and exhalted warrior, triangle and revolved triangle and half moon pose (which I did okay at!). Lots of chair pose then directly from chair down to seated to do boat pose (and low boat) and then side/Russian twists and pulses).

Other poses she did was cat cow (to warm up) down dog and dolphin, and lots of high planks and chaturangas. Thin

  • She walkd around the room but didn’t adjust people or orient class from different directions.
  • She had us grab the calf (if we wanted) when in the standing splits
  • she gave lots of encouragement (i.e. ‘beautiful poses everyone!’) especially with harder poses
  • She ended the class with an inspirational reading/quote


The next class was ‘Go With the Flow’ Vinyasa.

The teacher had a notebook on stage with her with notes about the practice which I found encouraging!

Didn’t start the class with om or anything, just sitting in easy pose and breathing. I LOVED at the beginning of class how she had us all set an intention for the class after a short meditation/breathing exercise. She said ‘breathe in ‘I am’ and breathe out your intention for the class – it could be I am strong, I am healthy, I am open, etc’. and then she said ‘or if you’re like me and stuck on your intention your mantra could be ‘breathe in “I am’ breathe out ‘loving kindness’.

She started/warmed up class with twists and side bends (seated) and some cat cows and then moved into sun salutations and went into a variety of postures – went from standing postures (warrior 1 and 2, and reverse (she did warrior 2, reverse and side angle in a little flow on both sides) and then triangle and revolved triangle, and then wide legged forward fold. she mentioned the name of triangle in Sanskrit but that’s the only one.

Then she moved  into back bends – cobra/updog, sphinx, seal (which I had never heard of which is a gentle back bend with arms out long diagonally in front of you), and half bow (leaning back and grabbing the foot on each side), and then pigeon (it seems a lot of the classes ended with pigeon before moving into seated postures seated forward fold and butterfly). and then did some seated cat cows to help after the back bends and then into child’s pose before shavasana.

I liked how she moved about the class in all directions to demonstrate postures (back of the room and side of the room, and also demonstrated postures in the middle of the room) – especially wide legged forward fold and triangle, when we had moved sideways on our mats. She gave good verbal cues on alignment in the poses, but didn’t give many benefits (except the side bend warm up at the beginning she said it stretched the intercostal muscles).

She was sometimes slow with her cues, so I wasn’t sure what she was wanting us to do next, and sometimes she said the wrong thing which was also confusing.

Somethings I didn’t like: she said if we didn’t want adjustments to fold over the corner of your mat (which I did) but then she must not have noticed because she adjusted me slightly in my triangle!

She ended the class in a way I loved by saying: put your palms  in prayer to your head – may you think clearly; place your palms to lips : may you speak thoughtfully, palms to heart centre: may you feel truthfully (or something along those things!)

Fouth (and last!) class of the day – Yoga Nidra with singing bowls

It was a totally relaxing guided meditation for 50 minutes! it was beautiful. we learned to be a human BEING rather than a human DOING. We were lead on a guided meditation into a forest down a path and leaning against a tree and talking to the tree and squirrels and birds etc.


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