Day 18

Fear has two meanings: Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything and Rise – the choice is yours ~ Unknown

Got the outline for our sadhana practice for the next two weeks. We have to practice the 4 purifcations pranayama, ujjayi, and sitkari (cooling) breath; meditate for 10 minutes (our choice of natural breath or ‘so hum’ meditation, and then do 5-10 rounds of Sun Salutations and practice all the standing postures we’ve learned so far (Tadasana, Palm Tree, Forward Fold, Standing spinal twist, Warrior 1 and 2 and Standing Half Moon).

Journaling question: What does self care mean to use and how does a daily yoga practice support this?

Self care means caring for yourself (duh!) and to do that you have to spend time with yourself, by yourself, to examine your thoughts/feelings/emotions/health etc and that’s exactly what a daily yoga practice allows – to give you some time alone through meditation and asana and pranayama – all of which help you care for you physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self! Yoga is a corner stone to self care. and holistic yoga = self care! by taking time out just for you. You can’t focus on the self when surrounded by others (friends/family etc). Though social interaction is very important too!


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