Day 16

There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing , say nothing and be nothing  ~ Aristotle

It was information overload from this whole weekend! Today we learned teaching some standing postures with partners – first pose Tadasana, the dynamic form which is also called Palm Tree pose. I taught it on a super soft, unstable mat and was wobbling all over the place!

Then we taught standing Ardha Chandrasana – half moon pose (with an arm variation). What a great side body stretch!)

I missed teaching warrior 2 to my partner during class because we didn’t realize we were supposed to switch  – so instead I taught it to my husband. Note to self: do not teach yoga to husband, the most inflexible, stiff person in the world. Note to self 2: husband should really do yoga!

We learned (tried!) to teach Warrior 1 just by talking and not demonstrating, which was really difficult! and we also learned/taught standing spinal twist (aka kati chakrasana) which was fun as you swing your arms around like wet noodles!

Then we presented our vision boards in the afternoon – amazing and inspirational! I didn’t think i’d be nervous because I was really looking forward to presenting my board, but I ended up being nervous (at least I wasn’t alone!)




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