Day 15

What spirit is so empty and blind that it cannot recognize the fact that the foot is more than the shoe, the skin more beautiful than the garment with which it is clothed? ~ Michelangelo

Today is my 37th birthday whoo!

And since it’s Saturday it’s another HRC Hufflepuff yoga day where I shared a yoga for beginner’s article.

It’s the start of the 2nd weekend of yoga teacher training. Last night’s talk on royal/raja yoga was great  learned some of the Yoga Sutra’s and how raja yoga is the path to pure awareness/consciousness through meditation.

Our ‘Element Group’ did tea time today (i brought fresh melon and grapes and pineapple). Swami Mahesh lead us in some asana poses (standing spinal twist and standing forward fold), and pranayama, and then did a long 40 minute guided meditation/visualization for the chakras (a yoga nidra – nidra means sleep), with animals throughout it (which represented each chakra) which was fantastic and so relaxing. We can buy the CD of his guided meditation for $10 so i’ll be doing that!

We practiced teaching some pranayama exercises – full yogic breath, and my favourite nadi shodhana or alternate nostril breathing – with a  partner. I learned a lot – like that I talk too fast! (which I already knew).

Today’s Journey Junkie post was crescent lunge.

When I got home there was a mini orchid, and a giant cupcake waiting for me on my laptop from my husband for my birthday!


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