Day 14

Every day think as you wake up today: I am fortunate to be alive, I have a precious human life, I am not going to waste it ~ Dalai Lama

Today I did a 20 minute ‘mindful morning’ yoga video online by Sarah Beth Yoga when I woke up at 7:30. Then I worked on my first assignment some more which is due in 2 days.

Then at about 10am I went up to my ‘yoga room’ with my newly created alter in the corner where I bought some fake flowers and a little table cloth and scented candle from the dollar store to pretty it up. For today’s meditation I found some meditation music on YouTube that I thought would help with focus. I was partly right. During the first practice, it went well, just concentrating on my natural breath. My thoughts only wandered a bit – great! It’s working, I thought. But during the 2nd meditation where I was supposed to focus on saying ‘so hum’ (I am that) internally, no matter how hard I tried, my mind just went over rehearsing how I would introduce a holistic Hatha yoga class to students!

I blame the music, as I was thinking about how the teacher at work yesterday had music on his phone. So now I’ve downloaded a meditation app to my phone!

Today’s Journey Junkie video (I missed yesterday) was revolved triangle, using a block which was great. And the teacher says she uses blocks all the time in her practice, even though she’s been practicing for years because it helps with correct alignment. The second video (to make up for yesterday) was Tree Pose – something I struggle with on the highest ‘setting’ but today I nailed the foot to the inner thigh a bit more than normal.

Tonight is the first Friday night lecture at yoga school with Swami Mahesh talking about Raja (or royal) yoga. Really looking forward to it!





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